New image by Ole Marius Joergensen

In this image I am looking at what inspired me and made me into what I am today. There are two things that made the foundation of my creativity: the book “the red couch” and the series “Twin Peaks”. They showed me how to think outside the box. Living in a small rural town during the 80s this was mind blowing stuff..

its red and wrapped in plastic.jpg

new image: The Melancholic Mechanic by Ole Marius Joergensen

My uncle has been an important helping hand for many years so I want to make a visual “thank you” to him by making this image of him. He is been a mechanic for over 40 years. So this old gas station and work shop was the perfect location for a lonely mechanic and his car.

New image l new series by Ole Marius Joergensen

This image ”Slow night” is the first of a new series which will look at what inspired me and shaped me into who I am today. Its not just artists but family, films and books. Its a process that will help me understand why I take the images that I do..hopefully. Hope you will enjoy the results…

New image. by Ole Marius Joergensen

In this image I am looking at my creative roots and it all starts with the horror the next step is to investigate this subject deeper or just let it be…

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