A long forgotten nocturne

In Europe in the mid 1800s artist from the Romantic Movement began to focus on the beauty and majesty of nature and everyday scenes of rural life. 

 “A long forgotten nocturne” is not only an ode to the romantic period but a continuance of the artistic movement shot with a unique contemporary eye. 

With the use of theatrical light and vivid color juxtapositions, Ole Marius’ work emphasizes the mystery and duality of rural life in the modern world. 

Like the painters of old Ole Marius travelled through out his rural Norway capturing isolated disregarded locations wishing to emphasize the unique latent beauty of these places before they vanish. 

Old farms and houses that are now forgotten in the modern age are resurrected using light and the magic of nature creating a an idyllic and mysterious tableau

Much like the Romantic Movement this series is a reaction to a revolution, in this case the digital revolution that has marked a complete shift in our society.  

A society, which places little value on the simplicity and beauty of rural life, but instead focuses on the immediate and ephemeral found in contemporary society.